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As a private practitioner, I operate primarily on a fee-for-service basis. These fees are in accordance with the Psychological Association of Alberta guidelines

Therapy and Consultation                  

50 minute session


Educational Assessments

Giftedness Assessment  for GATE

or Westmount Programs


*Note: if your child does not meet the giftedness criteria for GATE or Westmount programs, you have the option of not requesting a report.

Westmount Giftedness assessment full report*

GATE Giftedness assessment full report*



Psycho-educational assessment


Other Assessments

Capacity assessment

Guardianship and trusteeship assessment


Cognitive & Adaptive functioning assessment for PDD funding

Psychological assessment for adults





Please Note

  • Coverage for psychological services are often available through extended health benefits through employee and private health insurance plans which provide full or partial coverage to services provided by a Registered Psychologist. Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage.

  • Additionally, psychological services services in Alberta, under the Income Tax Act, are a tax-deductible medical expense.

  • Registered Psychologists are exempt from charging GST for their professional services

  • Payment is accepted by cheque, e-transfer or cash.

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