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Dr Manreet Riar, PhD - Registered Psychologist


A new beginning.

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Is therapy right for me?
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Everyone experiences challenges in life from time to time which can overwhelm us with feelings of anxiety, sadness or despair. These feelings may come to the point where they  start to interfere in our day-to-day life’s functioning. Talking to a trained professional who can be objective and help in understanding these feelings can be the first step towards improved coping and functioning.

With increased understanding and awareness of our inner resources, we can maximize our potential. Even a slight change in our point of view can have huge implications for our well being and provide healing. Professional guidance and treatment can further provide support and enhance the road to recovery.

Can my child benefit from psychological assessment and therapy?

Many children see a psychologist for a range of challenges.  Some concerns I hear from parents are:


  • My child is struggling to learn at school

  • My child experiences anxiety

  • My child does not feel challenged at school

  • Is my child gifted?

  • My child is struggling socially at school

Psychological services are offered in person and through virtual platforms.


10601 Southport Road SW, Calgary Alberta T2W 3M6


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